Travel Funding

HOPOS 2016 Travel Funding​

HOPOS will provide partial support for travel to Minneapolis for graduate students, independent scholars, and retirees whose contributions have been accepted by the HOPOS 2016 Program Committee and whose travel is not supported by a home institution.

The size of the HOPOS Travel Grant depends upon the number of applicants and pending financial support. Eligible conference attendees may apply for a HOPOS Travel Grant at HOPOS 2016 in Minneapolis; please have receipts available. For further information, please email William Krieger.

Note to U.S. Citizens and those foreign nationals currently affiliated with U.S. academic institutions: The U.S. National Science Foundation also plays a role in supporting your travel. To qualify for maximum support, book air travel on a USA-flag airline, or a flight with a "codeshare" with USA-flag airline (i.e., a flight on non-USA-based carrier that nevertheless can also be found listed as a flight under a number designated Airtran Airways [FL], Alaska Airlines [AS], American Airlines [AA], Delta Airlines [DL], Frontier Airlines [F9], Hawaiian Airlines [HA], Southwest Airlines [WN], Spirit Airlines [NK], or United Airlines [UA]). If you are unsure as to whether a particular flight has a codeshare, please contact William Krieger for clarification (official rules).